How does it work?

  1. Click on the walk you’re interested in. For now you can chose between the Montsouris nature & underground water walk  or the Lupin Catacombs walk. If you’re the curious kind, you can listen to the first 3 stops for free. It will spoil you a bit, but it’s also a way to check whether you like my voice and what I will talk about. You can also decide to keep the surprise until you arrive on location!
  2. Install the free VoiceMap app for Android or iPhone, it will summon me to your phone. Download the visit on wifi you want to save roaming charges.
  3. The app will guide you to the start of the walk, then just follow my voice, I’ll explain it all along the way. Some people prefer to listen to my walks at home, like a podcast. If you have the choice, do the actual walk, as they are designed to combine eye and ear candy. But if you can’t make it in person, you will still learn a lot about Paris!